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During the 1985 National Convention, the Italian Bahá’í Community expressed its need to have a place to use as a Centre fo Bahá’í Studies, which could host the Summer Schools, the National Convention and various other conferences and meetings.The request was submitted by the National Spirituale Assembly of Italy to the Universal House of Justice, which expressed its favourable opinion in 1986 and the gathering of funds immediately and so did the search for the right place. It was only in November 1990 that tha National Spritual Assembly was able to make good on the community’s wish, with the purchase of the Panoramica Hotel in Acuto, thereby creating a seat for the Centre for Bahá’í Studies.Thanks to the efforts of all the friends, the Centre for Bahá’í Studies in Acuto is making constant progress to answer those ideal conditions which every Bahá’í Community aims for in creating, maintaining for the deepening in the principles of the Faith, of the humanistic and scientific disciplines and above all, to favour the application of principles of conduct which are requested by the Bahá’í Sacred Writings. The National Spiritual Assembly of Italy warmly hopes that the Centre for Bahá’í Studies will become a place for meeting and studying for the progress of the Cause in Italy and the world and in time, it’ll become a ligthhouse of civilization and progress for the entire area.

The Centre for Bahá’í Studies is an enchanting and welcoming hotel where one finds authentic hospitality accompanied by and calm and relaxing atmosphere. The courtesy of our fine staff is always at your disposal for assistance and information: don’t hesitate to ask for tourist maps and information, assistance in renting a car or assistance with your luggage. The Hotel is located in a tranquil oasis protected from the chaotic traffic of the city, while at the same time offering an efficient and complete service: a coffee bar open every day, an elegant place to take a cup of tea, a welcoming veranda done in warm colours perfect for a moment of relax, two areas for wireless connection to the internet together with a fixed computer post where one can control emails or navigate on the web, a panoramic terrace where tables, chairs and umbrellas create a true Mediterranean feeling, private parking and a basketball court. On request there is a laundry service for all our clients. The Centre has a congress hall with a flexible seating system capable of seating up to 150 persons, and having a highly up to date technical system (Hi Fi, amplification, luminous blackboard, projector for video and films, high quality microphones) and the efficiency of the organisation guarantees a complete and reliable service which assures the success of every type of meeting/conference.  There are also two other halls which can be used for seminars and smaller workshops, etc.

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