Centre of baha’i studies

The Centre for Baha’i Studies: Hotel La Panoramica is set in a relaxing atmosphere, close to nature, just 10 minutes away from the natural springs of Fiuggi and less than an hour from Rome. Thanks to its unique panoramic location and large terrace overlooking the charming medieval village of Acuto (750 meters above it), it offers great views of the Ciociaria valley.

Located on a ridge in the Ernici mountains and accessible from the Anagni-Fiuggi tollbooth and Anagni-Fiuggi train station, it offers a comfortable and functional environment for conferences, seminars, business meetings and groups.

Owned by the Italian Baha’i community, which bought the hotel La Panoramica in 1989 and turned it into an International Studies Centre (1991), the property can also be enjoyed by those who like to travel, alone or in groups, and want to take advantage of half or full pension service.

The Centre for Baha’i Studies: Hotel La Panoramica is an important site for training and study, as well as cultural exchanges between people of various religions and nationalities. Our guests come from over 50 countries, and this diversity is reflected in every aspect of the site: from the atmosphere of the hotel to the cuisines you can enjoy, it embraces different world cultures.

The Bahá’í Faith is an independent and monotheistic religion, born in Iran during the 19th century. Its teachings focus on the oneness of God (one God, source of all creation), the oneness of religion (all religions have the same spiritual orgin and come from the same God) and the oneness of humanity (all people are created equal and the diversity of race and culture is to be appreciated and accepted).

Bahá’í teachings emphasize freedom from prejudice, the innate nobility of man, the progressive nature of religious revelation, the development of spiritual qualities, the relationship between prayer and service, the equality of men and women, the free and independent search for truth, the harmony between science and religion, the fundamental importance of justice in all human endeavours, the great value of education and the relation between the individual, the community and institutions on the bath towards humanity’s collective maturity.

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