The Restaurant Room can accommodate up to 100 guests. It can function according to the needs of our guests, it offers a self-service counter for lunch and dinner. This is the preferred option for larger groups, especially younger guests.

The kitchen is renown in the Lazio region and the chef’s offers vary based on the clients’ needs. Inspired by classic Italian cooking and tradition, our menu uses local products and highlight gastronomic specialties from Rome and Ciociaria. The food is a triumph of local knowledge and flavors, with dishes that draw from the local agricultural and pastoral tradition. Few and genuine ingredients give life to a flavorful and hearty cuisine, that relies on fresh, seasonal products. Sagne e fagioli soup, Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Pasta all’Amatriciana, Cacio e Pepe e Gricia are just a few of our best-known specialties.

Given the Hotel’s history, along with traditional regional and national dishes you will find Iranian cooking: the must have rice, or Polo’, accompanied by delicious vegetable based sauces and meat stews flavored with fruit, dried fruit, spiced and aromatic herbs.

Based on the needs and preference of guests, table service, buffet or self-service are available. By choice of the Administration of the hotel, alcoholic beverages are not served. At The Center for Bahá’í Studies: La Panoramica Hotel we serve water, flat or sparkly, which tastes delicious and offers several health benefits. This health conscious choice is surely unusual but appreciated by guests after trying it. Juices, fizzy beverages, teas and infusion are a healthy and pleasant alternative.

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