The hotel offers 36 comfortable rooms (singles, doubles, triples and quads), of which 2 are equipped for guests with disabilities. All rooms are carpeted, equipped with private bathroom, hairdryer, TV, phone, heating and free Wi-Fi; some are equipped with safes.

The panoramic location, salubrious air, mild and dry climate make Acuto an ideal holiday spot, to the point of making the installation of air conditioning in the rooms unnecessary in the summer season.

The common areas are decorated with photos of the Baha’i Gardens and beautiful Persian rugs. These, coupled with the feeling of history and purpose that is palpable everywhere and the evocative panorama of the village of Acuto, the Valley of Sacco and the ciociaracountryside,provide the hotel with a distinctive ambience.

Forget the traffic and chaos of the cities. In these parts silence is sovereign, punctuated by the bleats and neighing of the herds, by the screechof goats and buzzers.

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