Terrazza & bersot

No matter the season, the terrace of the hotel offers a breathtaking view of the village of Acuto, the valley below and the surrounding hills.

Eyes and hearts take in the beauty of the landscape that unfolds at the foot of the lookout. The sky stretches on the horizon: the blue backdrop changes rapidly: the intensity, color and tones changing at any moment. At dusk, the sky lights up fiery red, with orange and peach streaks. All around, the small villages shimmer in the distance.

In the more temperate seasons, especially during summer, the terrace, furnished with chairs and outdoor tables and garden umbrellas, lends itself to be lived in until late at night.

In the middle of summer, when temperatures rise in Ciociaria and the air in the capital becomes sultry, in Acuto you can still breathe fresh air. Even during the hottest months, the air is pleasantly crisp in the evenings, and guests who like to linger on the terrace or under the bersot are advised to have a shawl or light sweater.

The bersot is a pleasant spot to relax and can also serve as an additional workspace. Furnished with tables, chairs and an outdoor swing, it is covered with a beautiful wisteria plant intertwined with jasmine whose flowering attracts butterflies and pollinating insects. A riot of colors, scents and sounds that enhances the relaxing atmosphere of the Centre.

Close to the parking lot, we also offer an asphalted basketball court for pickup games among guests, young and old, that don’t want to give up physical activity during their stay.

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