The fortunate geographical position of Acuto permits the Panoramica Hotel-Restaurant to be the ideal departure base for daily excursions which are of great interest. Rome, with all its ancient and modern beauty is about 60 kilometres to the North, while Naples, with its archaeological areas such as Pompei, Hercolano and Paestuem, is about 160 kilometres to the South. The attractive tourist zones in the Acuto area are not to be underestimated. It’s just enough to mention the historic cities of Anagni and Alatri, or places of spiritual interest such as the St. Benedetto Monastery in Subiaco or the majestic Benedictine Cloisters in Cassino, Calamari and Fossanova. The city of Anagni has conserved its medieval aspect most intact, which is made even more precious by its stupendous Roman style Cathedral and its Gothic palaces. Five Popes have come from this city, among whom is Boniface VIII. The town of Alatri is famous for its acropolis, which is sustained by its Cyclopean walls and for the Santa Maria Maggiore Church which is in the Roman-Gothic style. The nearby of Ferentino, and Palestrina are also of notable artistic interest. In the nearby Acuto area, there is also Subiaco which hosts the important Cloisters of the San Benedetto Monasteries (Sacro Speco) and of Santa Scolastica Monasteries. An hour’s drive away, it’s possible to see Montecassimo Abbey, which is the maximum expression of Benedictine spirituality and culture, and the precious treasure chest of artistic works. The Cloisters of Casamari and Fossanova are also Benedictine works and are within the Ciociaria Area.