Veranda and bar area

The glassed veranda is a spacious and light filled space, set up to be comfortable and relaxing. You can access it via the dining hall or the panoramic terrace that overlooks the village of Acuto. The drapes, the elegant Persian rugs and the lush indoor plants make this a laid back and welcoming environment. A pleasant, curated space where guests can retire to at the end of a meal, or enjoy a quiet space to read, meditate or chat in an intimate and relaxed setting, accompanied by a cup of Persian tea flavored with rose water. Totally air conditioned, it offers a pleasant refuge during hotter summer days.

A majestic Iranian Samovar decorates the bar area, offering Persian tea at breakfast and various times throughout the day. The tea is served in cups or traditional gold rimmed glasses, boiling hot and should be sipped according to middle eastern tradition with crystalized sugar, flavored with saffron, and traditional Persian sweets.

The bar is located at the entrance of the dining hall and offers drinks, juices and fruit

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